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Acquire knowledge of a language and a culture and become an engaged global citizen. 


Eli Shlama

is a UK certified social enterprise and intercultural consultancy like no other. Our unique coaching service can be combined with innovative language training that enables you to learn Arabic online in 20 hours and
master it in as little as 80 hours!

Authentic Artisans of Your Own Destiny

Our Transformational coaching and Arabic language courses not only give you the tools to improve
your personal and professional choices, but also better equip you to help less privileged individuals to have a better chance in life through our signature social programme.


Our Holistic Approach

 Our global leadership coaching and language training courses are not simply a local solution but an experience where innovation, intercultural fluency and social impact meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.

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Founding Director of Eli Shlama

Academic, Coach and Social Entrepreneur. Founder of the British charity Aradin Charitable Trust (2012 - 2020) and European Ilanta Leadership Institute for Intercultural Excellence.

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Among her pioneering works, Dr Marogy translated into Arabic what one prominent professor described as 'impossible to render in Arabic what is so quintessentially Belgian and Flemish". In her first academic work, she has drawn a comprehensive portrait of the Kitāb Sībawayhi (8th century C.E.), which is still considered the Quran of the Arabic grammar. She has also edited the first and second volumes in a series of studies on traditional Arab linguistic theories concentrating on Sībawayhi and his grammatical legacy.  

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The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics.jpeg
The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics II.jpeg


Featured on BBC World News, BBC radio 4, The Times (2014), and number of worldwide lectures e.g. the Asia society in Hong Kong and the Hudson Institute (Washington DC).

Media appearances
Aradin Founder interviewed by BBC

Aradin Founder interviewed by BBC

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Aradin Promotional, Arabic Subtitles

Aradin Promotional, Arabic Subtitles

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Amal Marogy: Intercultural coaching with a difference: individual stories and narrative

Amal Marogy: Intercultural coaching with a difference: individual stories and narrative

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Preserving Christian Heritage in the Middle East

Preserving Christian Heritage in the Middle East

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What We Offer

Fast-Track Language Training

Intercultural Coaching and Consultancy

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Academic Coaching and Mentoring

Ideal for dedicated professionals and institutions in search of online Arabic or Dutch language courses and  one-to-one intercultural tutorials.

Working with Eli Shlama is the perfect choice for individuals that are new to the Middle Eastern culture  and would like to fathom its depths by learning Arabic with a real expert who taught Arabic at top universities and beyond such as Cambridge, SOAS language Centre and KULeuven (Belgium).

For global businesses working with Middle Eastern contacts and those seeking to become interculturally fluent and excel in a cross-cultural environment.


For founders, CEOs and leaders of organisations a foundation seeking leadership coaching services that are custom designed to regain focus and escape the treadmill of stress and pressure by becoming a force for good and, ultimately, achieve true leadership excellence.

For students struggling online and trying to overcome elearning challenges successfully.


For undergraduates and postgraduates seeking practical and trustworthy advice about their options and future. 


Nimisha, Space Telescope Science Institute, USA


I had intellectual and rejuvenating discussions with Amal about various topics.


She was always ready to help and support me by extending honest, practical and useful advice about every walk of life.

Rachel, Programme Manager, Cambridge


Amal's background meant her experience and manner helped the session to be insightful for me as I worked through a couple of challenges.


She encouraged me to consider different perspectives and come to my own solutions to commit to action. I would definitely work with Amal again.

Massi, Engineer, Switzerland


I’ve done a 10h Arabic online course with Amal and learned a unique way to practice reading at my pace, time and needs.  

Thank you, Amal, to make it possible!  


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