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Eli Shlama is a UK certified social enterprise and intercultural consultancy like no other. Our unique coaching service can be combined with bespoke language training courses that enable you to master Arabic, Dutch and in as little as 80 hours!


By improving your personal and professional chances you will be helping others who are less privileged to have better chances in life through our signature social programme 

'Authentic Artisans of own Destiny'.


Our holistic approach 

 is not simply a solution but an experience where innovation, independency and solidarity meet the demands of a rapidly changing world with its complexities and intercultural challenges.

Fast-track language training

 Do you want to learn solid Arabic or overcome the hurdle of learning Dtuch/Flemish and not sure where to go? 


Have you ever felt left behind in mainstream language classes because strong students dominate and weak ones eat up your time?

Have you tried to learn the language

with native speakers only to discover they are not even qualified to teach?

How would you like how to speak a foreign language and learn the culture in as little as 20 hours with a  trusted and experienced teacher and coach?

With us there is no room for cultural randomness.
We tackle learning and cultural challenges head-on and provide you with in-depth knowledge that allows you to blend in like a native. 

Coaching and language training

Professional . Encouraging . Motivational

Bespoke language-coaching

For professionals and institutions in search of Arabic, English, Dutch  language tuition and one-to-one language tutorials

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Intercultural Coaching and consultancy

For businesses working with Middle Eastern contacts and those seeking to  excel  cross-culturally


For individuals new to the Middle Eastern culture  who would like to fathom its depths and learn Arabic with a real expert

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Life coaching

If you are feeling stuck and uncertain about your life choices, 

lacking self-confidence, or suffering from “imposter syndrome” or feel bullied and frustrated at work or home, our life coaching service can help you navigate the challenges

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Academic coaching and mentoring

For students applying to university, undergraduates and postgraduates

seeking practical and trustworthy advice about your options and your future

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What make us unique?

We have many powerful advantages:


   •   Each individual is unique that is we create tailor-made solutions suited to your specific needs and way of learning. Our insider's approach provides you with a real-life perspective on the most pertinent cultural issues.  


   •   Our unparalleled expertise and unique cultural background provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the languages and cultures of the Middle East and Europe.


   •   We have first-hand experience and have been eye-witnesses to the havoc brought about by war, displacement and loss.

   •   You will discover the marvels of our “This AND That” approach so that you have the confidence and the tools to overcome the limitations of the “either-or” mentality.


   •   Our services are available in English, Dutch, Arabic and Modern Aramaic.

What People Say




Amal is a passionate and rigorous teacher who makes the Arabic language fun to learn. She is intimately acquainted with Arab culture and countries and her expert knowledge of the Middle

East adds to the timbre of her lessons. Her enthusiasm is catching and she encouraged me to both read and write Arabic.


Programme Manager


I had two coaching sessions with Amal and both times she was very attentive and made me feel really comfortable. Amal's background meant her experience and manner helped the session to be insightful for me as I worked through a couple of challenges. I found both sessions valuable as she encouraged me to consider different perspectives and come to my own solutions to commit to action. I would definitely work with Amal again


Research Associate

(Hong Kong)

What I've found most helpful throughout these three sessions was our discussion on the possible career paths I could take following my PhD as well as tips on selecting PhD programmes that fit. 

Thanks so much for all the helpful advice! It's given me plenty of reassurance throughout such an intimidating process


Space Telescope Science Institute


Amal has been a great friend ever since I met her while doing my PhD in Cambridge. I remember us having several intellectual and rejuvenating discussions about various topics. More than that, she was always ready to help and support me by extending honest, practical and useful advice about every walk of life.


Talk To Us


Located in the UK, we work with European and English speaking countries all over the world to deliver the most authentic and profound learning experience imaginable.

Fast-track your life and move forward with confidence by taking advantage of our Arabic language training, academic mentoring or life coaching services.


Our flexible services can be customised to suit your lifestyle and commitments. Contact us today to discuss a suitable schedule and lesson plan. 

Eli Shlama is here to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your personal, educational and professional goals.


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Skype: elishlama

Company no 12032768

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