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With Eli Shlama there is no room for cultural randomness. We tackle learning and cultural challenges head-on and provide you with in-depth knowledge that allows you to experience life in like a native.


Together with Arabic and Dutch language training, we provide a wide range of services including executive and  life coaching as well as talks and workshops on interculturally focused topics to enhance your intercultural fluency.


Moreover, we also offer academic and professional mentoring plus pre-academic training.

Remote Learning

Bespoke Language Training

Do you want to learn solid Arabic or overcome the hurdle of learning Dutch/Flemish but are not sure where to start? 


Have you ever felt left behind in traditional language classes or do not feel you get enough value from a classroom environment?

Have you tried to learn the language

with native speakers only to discover they are not even qualified to teach?

How would you like how to speak a foreign language and learn the culture in as little as 20 hours with a  trusted and experienced teacher and coach?

You will get all this and more with one click of a button.

Master Arabic in 80 hours (TM)

Our advanced learning techniques enable you to learn Arabic to a reasonable level within 10-20 hours. Stick with us and you can master the language in as little as 80 hours!


This training course is suitable for individuals, corporate executivess, institutions and those involved in academia, travel, business and the media.


We also provide a Biblical Arabic course.

Bespoke Language Coaching
Intercultural Coaching and Consultancy

Intercultural Coaching and Consultancy


Distance is no longer a barrier to communication. The globalisation of the world makes it pertinent for anybody experiencing cross-cultural environments to acquire or improve intercultural fluency and intelligence. Cultural habits are a language of their own.


Our advanced coaching service will furnish you with a complete skill set that enables you to address the most pertinent intercultural questions and learn how to positively cultivate relationships with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. Not only that, but you will learn how to adapt to a new country and enhance your experience of living and working overseas.


Our goal is to help immerse you in the language and culture of your chosen nation so that you are able to take any challenges in your stride including nationality, religious and cultural variances.

Creative Office
Business and Executive Coaching
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Global Leadership and Executive Coaching


Challenges make leaders. However, for an executive or senior leader of an organization, navigating these challenges can become an isolating experience.


Tight schedules and the additional burden of leading a culturally diverse team or a global organisation can interfere with your ability to face challenges, on a daily basis. A build-up of pressure can impair the relationship with your team and affect other aspects of your life.


Eli Shlama provides you will with a unique and safe environment that is specifically created with you in mind. You can rely on an experienced and attentive ear as you embark on your journey of identifying, exploring, gaining clarity and ultimately finding the peace of mind necessary to make more effective decisions.

Academic Coaching and Mentoring

Academic Coaching and Mentoring


Education has taken an unexpected turn and students, in particular, have been jolted into a new way of studying and experiencing one of the most memorable periods in their lives.


Eli Shlama provides a springboard that can help you deliver stronger academic performance and greater resilience combined with a deep sense of purpose, intercultural fluency and well-being.


Eli Shlama is there to help you write the next chapter in your life as a student with a global heart and intercultural mind. Get in touch if you are struggling with intercultural questions and with setting priorities. Our holistic approach and unique blend of academic guidance and life coaching will provide you with all the tools you need to reach your goals. 

Open Textbook in Library
Life Coaching
Support Group

Life Coaching


The life-coaching services offered by Eli Shlama does not focus on identifying weaknesses but enhancing strengths. 

A low or inaccurate assessment of self prevents you from recognising your unique value and making changes in your personal or professional life. 

Our bespoke life coaching is customised to suit your personality and your circumstances. We put each person's progress and well-being at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to steer you towards reaching your full potential. No two people are the same so our coaching sessions are custom designed to meet your specific needs. 


We do not preach theories, we share lived experiences of failure and triumph that can help you discover the hidden problem-solver in you.

We also cover topics related to spirituality, doubt, meaning and your life purpose.

Start today!

Get started with a free 15 minutes consultation.

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