What We Do

As well as Arabic language training, we provide a wide range of services including coaching and consultancy as well as talks and workshops on focused topics.  Providing expert advice in the development and rebuilding of war-torn communities, we also offer academic and professional mentoring plus

pre-academic training.

Here are just a few of the services provided by us:

Bespoke Language training

For professionals and institutions in search for Arabic, English, Spanish and French language tuition and one-to-one language tutorials 

Intercultural Coaching & Consultancy 

For businesses working with Middle Eastern contacts and those seeking to excel cross-culturally


For individuals new to the Middle Eastern Culture and like to fathom its depths and learn Arabic with a real expert

Life coaching

For you if you are suffering from an imposter syndrome, lacking self-confidence, or feeling stuck and uncertain about your choices.

For you if you are looking for answers that will transform you and your outlook to life.

For you if you are dealing with a difficult boss or feel bullied and frustrated at work.

Back to work

This is predominantly but not exclusively suitable for back-to-work mums.  If you are looking for a foothold back into the world of work, we can get you there.  Here you will find a safe space to boost your self-confidence and great ideas to enable you land your first job after spending time raising your family or caring for a loved one.

Academic coaching & 


For students applying to university:

Undergraduates, postgraduates

Young academics seeking practical and trustworthy advice.